About Us

These two vivacious ladies joined forces in 2009, and together became a force to be recognized. They have recently joined Compass Colorado and continue to be Denver's Top Producing duo with a volume of sales over $155 Million, along with significant accolades locally and nationally. Both ladies are urban dwellers raising families in the heart of the coolest city in America. They know all the worthwhile intricacies of Denver’s finest neighborhoods, like…

  • what sells

  • a solid investment

  • the realities of the market

  • navigating the process

Kim & Lisa are armed with a team that is motivated and supportive at every step of the way... a truly different experience in real estate all together. There’s no such thing as being overly prepared, it’s what they attribute to their client's success. Kim & Lisa are committed to finding space that fits who you are; selling space so you can move on and always making sure you feel at home in Denver.